GEOMETRIC shapes: Jule Waibel



There are interior designers and fashion designers and product designers. There are tailors and weavers and jewellery makers. And there’s a woman who’s all of them.

Jule Waibel is an artist beyond comparison: after graduating Royal College of Art London in 2013 she created her own Unfolded Universe, her very own world full of geometric shapes and aesthetical transformation.


The materials she uses vary from paper to leather and foam to woven textiles - the way in which these pieces are folded distort the classic idea of what should be used for a dress and what should be used for a chair.


And it’s not just the materials of the products - she playfully works with colours too, to enhance the effect of the hand-pleated products. The results are not just ludic and lively but mysterious and elegant at the same time.

’m dreaming of an unfolded universe, a pleated planet. Everything should move, expand and contract -geometric playful shapes dancing around the moon
— Jule Waibel

Jule manages to create timeless pieces as well as modern Nordic-looking interior in which we recognise the influence she’s taken from the geometry and simplicity of the Bauhaus. Her work has an element of surprise and humour to it that take our sensations way beyond the expected.


She now has her own studio where she produces her unfolded products and works on commissions. In 2017 Jule’s launched the unisex accessory line Unfolded Wallets that comes in two different shapes (triangular and rectangular) and colours (black and nude). The leather wallets are - of course - handmade and finally available in her online shop.


You can get a piece of the unfolded universe here ( - triangular wallet: 149,-€ // rectangular wallet: 59,-€


That’s Jule!


To find out more about Jule Waibel’s universe, visit her webiste.



Story by Anna Klappenbach


EditorialKate FroniusFashion