DEREK LAM’s fragrance series go under your skin



When fashion designer start their own range of perfumes it’s always interesting to take a look at them: What’s their goal, what’s their message and of course what do they look and smell like.

Derek Lam has been on our watch list, and so we took a closer look. The name: DEREK LAM 10 CROSBY already implies a very distinctive direction – a connection to New York City. And so it is. Named after his second fashion line DEREK LAM 10 CROSBY, the fragrances represent a wonderful collection of scents for women, reflecting the Crosby Streets sky line in a very stylish way. Each flacon is a pure and minimalist tube with a little glass section in the middle. While the flacon itself is white, the glass comes in different colours that are representative for each fragrance. 10 different fragrances are part of the collection, which seem like a perfume wardrobe – just ready-to-wear.


To get a better view on this great new range, we took a look on one of them. The one representing the style of DEREK LAM the most, in our opinion: Silent St. is its name and with the white glass it looks as elegant as the signature piece DEREK LAM’s fashion is known for: a slim tailored coat.

The story behind it is likewise classy and romantic: Imagine the first snow fallen on Crosby Street. All around is nothing than silence and piece and the world looks untouched. The designer captured that moment moment in a bottle with essences like pure, white musk surrounded by floral notes.


Put on skin, this fragrance radiates a feeling of silence and a strong message of uniqueness: Freshly washed skin, a bit powdered though, and pinky tones of blossoms which pop up in-between... This perfume covers its wearer in the typical sensual smoothness only white musk can provide. A perfume for women, who are strong, but also fragile in their silent moments …when time stands still – in New York City, or elsewhere.

Watch the exclusively produced short film DEREK LAM created for the launch of his perfume range:


The 10 Eaux de Parfums are available now in exclusive perfume stores.
50ml for about € 88,– | 175ml for about € 165,–

A story by Kate Fronius


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