Oh SKIN – these 3 beauty favourites really do care


Picture by Kate Fronius @birdsneverbored.com

Picture by Kate Fronius @birdsneverbored.com


Nothing is better than to start fresh in the new year. On this we all agree for sure. Now that we've emptied the last bottles of sparkling drinks and are finally past our holiday hangover it’s time to take care of our health again. And the first thing reflecting that is our skin.





That’s why I reached out once again, searching for the best beauty tool that would help us achieve this goal in no time: a healthy and fresh glow, almost as perfect as our dear doll’s, the one and only Barbie.


Making my way through some of the newest products you can find in the stores these days, I came across these three magic talents that became my new favourites:


For those who like it smooth:
Take the day off - CLINIQUE’s new cleansing balm's name reflects its goal: to wipe the day off with rich and smoothing beauty oils made of thistle, which is a natural emollient that frees the skin from all kinds of long lasting make up. Linoleic acid and tocopherol strengthen the complexion from the inside which helps make the skin more powerful against the influence of free radicals and environmental aggressors. Capric acid and palmitates guarantee a smooth finish with a plus of moist. What more can I tell you: effectively quick for clean and glowing skin.

For those who like bubbles:
Are you using light make-up and want to enjoy a refreshing feeling in your daily beauty routine? Then this darling is the right one for you: 2 in 1 Cleansing Micellar Gel + Light Makeup Remover, also by CLINIQUE. Simplify your life is the motto and the result proves that to be true. Micelles are the product’s secret. They remove dirt and make-up in just one step. Sodium Hyaluronate moisturises the skin while vitamin A and C calm irritated complexion. So also sensitive skin is very welcome to trust this cool cleanser …and the skin glow will proof that!

For those who like to stay perfectly matt:
Flawless make-up application was an unfulfilled dream - until now. I've finally found my solution for the perfect preparation for my skin when it comes to my daily morning routine - from clean to cream: the Matte Moisturiser with Willhowherb from ORIGINS. Already after my first try I recognised a wonderful smoothing, moisturising effect, but the skin stayed balanced - magnificently matt, but without the loss of the glow and moisturised feeling. The key are the creams ingredients: Willowherb and Pink Rock Rose, which act as an instant glow booster to refine the texture of the skin. Our complexion brightens and visible pores shrink. The result is a super clean and smooth look and feel. Bravo!




I guess these 3 will be my beauty secrets to glow and shine in 2k18 and I hope I could inspire you too to take a try with these tubes and pots. Of course I can only speak for myself, but I don’t wanna miss a single one of them anymore. Placed in my bathroom they’ve become my dearest morning and good-night friends – so whatever 2018 will bring, these loyal companions will definitely bring glowing moments to my skin.


Special thx to CLINIQUE and ORIGINS.

- tried and tested -
A story by Kate Fronius

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