DRIVE DROVE DRIVEN curated by Matthias Harder


© Serge Marcel Martinot DS 23, aus: un - deux - troix, Paris 1998

© Serge Marcel Martinot DS 23, aus: un - deux - troix, Paris 1998


Cars are not just vehicles. For many of us the metal boxes on wheels represent beauty and design, but also freedom and power. The exhibition, which opens its doors on the 28th of February in Berlin, isn’t just special because of it's come a long way.  Curator Matthias Harder brought the special exhibition from Omaha/Nebraska, USA, all the way to Berlin. At Kommunale Gallerie the show will present art works of photographers like Clara Bahlsen, Jürgen Baumann, Xiomara Bender, Beni Bischo, Daniela Comani, Stephan Erfurt, Larry Ferguson, Aris Georgiou, Oliver Gadow, James Handricks and many more… all featuring one of the most beloved items humanity has ever been inspired by: the car.


CREDITS (from left): © Beni Bischof, o. T. (Handicapped Cars), 2014 | @ Jürgen Baumann, Speed, (Cadillac Nr. 1), 2014 | @ Charles Johnstone, Little Red Car, Cuba, 2006 | @ Jens Liebchen, o. T., from: Crossing L.A., Los Angeles 2010


Erotic angles, approaches to design or simply bizarre views on the object are the topic of the exhibition. A show so entertaining and bright that it lifts us right up on grey winter days. So don’t miss out on it and take yourself out to see something.


DRIVE DROVE DRIVEN - Cars in contemporary photograph

Duration: 28th of January until 8th of April 2018

Location: Kommunale Gallerie, Hohenzollerndamm 176, 10713 Berlin


Story by Kate Fronius