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This very special brand came into being because of a racing bike. The personal need of its founder Anne was the base – just like the name nym., which is a short version of her last name. Just like the slogan „bags. bikes. bitches.“ tells already: this brand is definitely one of the most authentic ones we can find in Berlin and Anne is one of these women you just respect for what she does and how she does it – she stays true to herself, to her passion and knows how work gets done. From the process of designing to the production of the bags and the very last touch like quality checks: everything nym. stands for is made and represented by Anne herself. Coming from a very classic education, she was educated as Engineer of Clothing Technology and got an advanced training as Pattern Maker, she brought nym. into being: Functional bags for race bikers, which not only guarantees high usability but also safety on your bike. All of the bags are handmade and designed by Anne, a little part can also be personalized by the wishes of her customers (like the colour of the offered zippers). A concept that is smart and successful. The fact that her bestseller, the small hip-bag, has never been officially released, shows that. That’s why we wanted to meet and talk to her – to find out more about the person behind the in 2013 founded bag brand. So let’s meet nym. right here between her home and studio in one of Berlin’s hippest areas, in Neukölln:

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When and why did you start to design your own bags?

Anne: The idea of developing a brand for bags came up very early after my education. Why I directly got into bags that are constructed especially for bikes came out of my own needs. At this time I couldn’t find one that looked good and likewise was functional. Coming from that and while wearing my own bag during biking, I got such big feedback from people asking where they could get such a bag from – during this period the bag didn’t even have a label on it – and so I just start making them. I figured out the details and worked on this idea then for almost a year until the label NYM. was finally made official.

How long does it take to create a bag - from the first sketch to the final product?

I regularly create unique designs for all of my customers. All bags are handmade and you can choose every single detail. Just the shape stays – except for when I get special requests. Then I also develop other things – when they fit into the whole concept of my brand, after a longer period of proving their wearability, I take them over to the regular NYM. collection. So coming to ideas and new designs is always a process. Most of it happens while talking to clients, when we talk and share ideas or experiences. NYM. is a brand that develops through the exchange of people, views and by its usability. Besides all the designs - from shopping the single pieces until the very last finish - just go through my hands as I really do everything alone here. I don’t need to work like a „normal fashion label“ which would mean creating mood boards or sketches. I have everything that’s possible in my head and the rest follows by function and through the wishes and talks with my customers. So everything what happens here is quite personal - from the relationship until the individual designs.

What is the most important credo for you as designer to follow?

For me one of the most important things is the quality of my product. How things are done and what kind of materials I use for that – starting from quite solid materials to unusual ones, which are not normally used for bags, and that’s what I like to play with. Besides these things the most important thing for me about NYM. is the moment my client gets their bag. I love that moment and I want to see it with my own eyes …because that’s the most exciting moment – you get direct feedback on what you do all day long. That’s why I follow doing this. And it’s also because my bags have a price – because they’re handmade and individually designed I also guarantee their usability not just for a limited time, which means: if something happens to the bag I change it, repair it or find a different solution for an upcoming problem. So while delivering my products personally I can justify what I’m doing, because I directly see that my client is happy with what he or she holds in the end in her or his hands. So that’s again why NYM. wears the side name of „bags. bikes. bitches.“ below. Because it’s not just a product. It’s about a lifestyle and the people who are living and loving it the same way I do. All of us, who are into these crazy expensive bikes, we’re all kind of bitches – every single one of us wants to be individual, but still we’re quite similar within our community – bike-bitches, as I call it (laughing).



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