30 years of Météorites by GUERLAIN

Météorites Birthday Candle Pearls by birdsneverbored.com

Météorites Birthday Candle Pearls by birdsneverbored.com


In 1987 GUERLAIN gave birth to a loose powder, which came in the form of multi-coloured pearls. Their name Météorites. This was already 30 years ago – and still the multi-coloured constellation of powder pearls infuses the skin with ideal radiance. That’s why GUERLAIN celebrates their powder icon’s birthday with two new stars:


This tool works a „Behind the SCENE“

This pen like tool combines five marvelous talents and is available in twoshades: Rosy and Golden Glow.

  • S stands for Strobing: With this tool you can easily highlight these parts of your face, which make it looks fresh and young.
  • C stands for Colour Correction: The great color mix corrects pigment disorders.
  • E stands for Light Expert: The so called Stardust Technology – based on micro pellets, which surround diamond dust – brings the perfect glow onto the skin.
  • N stands for Nomad: As this little pen tool fits in every pocket, it’s the perfect all-day-companion.
  • E stands for Easy-To-Use: …says it all: this smart designed power pen makes sure that the great trio-colors are easy to apply wherever you are!

Météorites Birthday Candle Pearl

In occasion of this special anniversary GUERLAIN designed a exclusive powder box inspired by the beauty of pearls and shining like a birthday candle.


The two new GUERLAIN stars are available from the 1st of September:
Météorites Baby Glow Touch for about € 39,–,
Météorites Powder Collector for about € 55,– (only at special counters).

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