Eastpak’s LAB Series

Eastpak's LAB series: OILY

Eastpak's LAB series: OILY


Comfortable, stylish and long-lasting: three features Eastpak is already known for. To approach a higher level of creativity the brand always comes up with new ideas such as this fall’s LAB series collection. Based on the original styles the brand performs here in a really delicate way: they cross their bag-evergreens with luxury materials and extra details. The result are timeless as outstanding products, which feature the DNA of the bags in the most luxurious way possible.

1# NEOPRENE LAB: This design is related to it’s futuristic aspects – the special surface of neoprene with a matt finish, meets leather and mesh panels. A contrast that stands out without loosing the comfort, chic and robustness of the classic bag pack.

2# TAILORED LAB: Related to the brand’s roots, this model combines a military and streetwear approach. Therefor this nylon covered backpack is colored in the typical military green from the outside, and some orange, which flashes from the inside-out just like the MA1-bomber jacket.

3# TECH LAB: A sleek look and technical details are the speciality of those two backpacks (which ones). Made out of colored leather and structured mesh at the back, these models stand for the ultimate usability Eastpak is known for.

4# WELDED LAB: From clean to cleaner - this model represents the perfect merge of fashion and function. The plain bag comes in black or anthracite with water-repellent and scratch proof zippers - it’s a bag that will always look good and will never break as well.

5# OILY LAB: Sporty design meets the here the coolness of colour. As the name suggests the surface is shimmering like oil. This iridescent color setting is combined with luxurious black leather, that gives the retro-inspired look the modern touch of today.


The bags will be available from the 15th of June 2017.