Cleansing with FRANK JUICES

© Bird's Never Bored

© Bird's Never Bored


Juicing and detoxing are ever-present concepts in modern city life. They promise health, beauty and energy – especially for those who are starting to feel the need to get ready for spring. Initially, we were convinced of their effectiveness, but now, a few years after this big boom, our opinions might have shifted a little bit. Not only because food means passion, luxury and well-being rather than something bad that we need to cleanse ourselves of. Nevertheless, it’s always in spring that we consider our daily behaviours, most of which lie in the lap of luxury. This is the time when we really attempt to live our New Year’s Resolutions: we quit some habits, which are innate but not necessary parts of our daily life and try to regain a more focused awareness of our way of life.

Tried & Tested

This is how this story and self-experiment with Frank Juices came into being. Three days of Juice Cleansing, supported by, amongst other things, a 30 day yoga challenge. Our hope was not just to rebalance our eating behaviour, but also our daily life.

How we got started?

After winter comes spring, but seeing how it hasn’t yet arrived in Berlin, our mood was constantly as grey as the weather. We needed a change … a new task to challenge ourselves and focus on things other than waiting for the temperature to rise. Getting out of the slow-motion winter mood into a more awake and positive daily routine. That was our goal. As we were familiar with Juicing, something we love to do once in a while because of its positive effects, and because we’ve already heard a lot about the Munich brand Frank Juices from our friends, we decided to put these things together to go for a three day self-experiment – drinking 6 of their cold-pressed juices a day instead of our normal dishes.

This cure is quite similar to the ones we’ve tried out in the past, so we knew how best to prepare for it:

  1. Start by giving up your „bad“ behaviours before you begin the 3-day-program. Help your body get the best out of it by beginning to cleanse well in advance: we stopped drinking alcohol (2 weeks before we got started), but coffee was the most difficult to give up - we survived just about two days without, before beginning our first day of juicing. Processed sugar was also a challenge, but we managed almost 2 weeks without it in advance.
  2. The next step was changing up our meals – the „Before Cleansing“ guide by Frank Juices gave us some nice examples of healthy recipes to prepare. These ideas for the last 2 days before the cure really helped us to slowly habituate our taste, mind and body for the upcoming challenge. All of them were easy to prepare, very tasty and boosted our digestion.

Find here our favourite dishes:

How to stay strong while drinking just juices?

First of all: Juices like these are not like those we are used to drinking (or the home made ones). These 500ml bottles are filled with a lot of essential nutrients, they are all cold-pressed, meaning that none of their good ingredients are burned away. Last but not least: Drinking six of these juices during a whole day lets you forget that you aren’t eating like you are used to. The only thing that can affect you is the fact that you’re not chewing anything. This is why Frank Juices also recommends that you drink each juice really slowly, to savour the experience and not just to toss them back. A juice replaces a dish and as it is for eating, you should also take your time for drinking.

As we mentioned before, we supported our cleaning program with a yoga challenge. Two weeks before the 3-day program we started doing yoga every morning, guided by a Youtube channel. This little 20 to 30-minute awareness after waking up had already influenced our outlook for the better. When we then finally got started with the juices, it really helped us to feel balanced in the morning.

Good night drink by Frank Juices ©Bird's Never Bored

Good night drink by Frank Juices ©Bird's Never Bored

Starting a program like this normally goes hand in hand with some less fun symptoms: headache (from the caffeine withdrawal), tiredness (as the body reprograms its digestive habits to its new nutrition) and so on. Yoga, or any sport of your choice, can really help you settle your mind and stay positive and strong in order to persevere through even the weakest of moments.


Which effects do we get?

A three day program is the short and beginner version - also the juices we were invited to try were the „light version“, meaning: more fruits compared to the advanced ones with more vegetables. Still, three days are not as easy as it may seem:

  • The first day is quite difficult, just because your habits are getting blown to smithereens and some symptoms like headache might appear. The second day was for us the hardest one as we felt tired, had a constant headache and struggled with a lack of concentration. Everything changed on day three: We woke up positively and with a strong feeling – no headache, no weakness. Feeling light and fresh.
  • That is why, next time, we would attempt a five-day program instead, as the real effect on the daily routine had just started on day three. To hold on to this feeling we followed up with the „after cleansing“-program recommended by Frank Juices. We slowly started getting back to daily routines, and didn’t just jump back into our old behaviours. We held on to our yoga challenge and reduced our daily doses of caffeine, alcohol and sugar.

For us, this self-experiment turned out the best way possible and we are looking forward to attempting the five-day-challenge, too.

Frank Juices x Bird's Never Bored


…the Cleanse Starter Box

  • 1st bottle comes in GREEN: apple juice 44%, cucumber juice 22%, spinach juice 15%, kale juice 6%, parsley juice 5%, celery juice 5%, ginger juice 2%, lemon juice 0,5%
  • 2nd bottle comes in LIGHT GREEN: apple juice 55%, ananas juice 44%, mint juice 1%
  • 3rd bottle comes in GREEN PLUS: pear juice 50%, cucumber juice 25%, spinach juice 15%, lemon juice 4%, broccoli juice 4%, mint juice 1%, moringa 1%
  • 4th bottle comes in YELLOW: water, lemon juice 51%, agave syrup 7%, curcuma 2%, cayenne 0,8%
  • 5th bottle comes in RED: apple juice 44%, carrot juice 40%, beetroot juice 13%, ginger juice 2%, lemon juice 1%
  • 6th bottle comes in CREAMY WHITE: water, cashew 15%, dates 11%, sesame 0,3%, vanilla 0,15%, cinnamon 0,05%


  • Your acid-base-household is balanced.
  • You will feel stronger, your body gets new energy and you will feel holistic boosted after the third day.
  • You boost your digestion as you relieve your intestines
  • Your skin and hair will get a healthier and stronger shine
  • You learn to relinquish things that you are used to - which will make you more aware of your daily (unthoughtful) routines in future.
  • This challenge gives you the chance to rethink and reboot your lifestyle. We took this chance embrace our future with more awareness regarding our work, lifestyle and food.


Frank Juices is a cleanse diet program, based on 6 cold-pressed juices on each day. Freshly produced, the juices are free of additives and can be delivered right to your door - for a 1, 3 or 5 day cure. You can choose between Level 01 (the starter cleanse), Level 02 (medium), or Level 03 (advanced). For more information or to place your order, click here!

…to TRY & TEST this boy, Frank Juices provided us with their juices.