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Lovely Day Botanicals




No lie, this incredible beauty brand is based in Neukölln. Josephine Förster, the founder, and her five girls (are they her children as you would say that only if they are) produce these beautiful care products. Each one of them is a little jewel in itself - and we are not just talking about the packaging. Inside the lovely glass bottles you will find only vegan ingredients which provide soft and active formulas. Additional effective "power agents" (produced in a laboratory) within the products include hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3 and also a new generation of fruit acids. The concept of the brand is also their standard: Clean Beauty – with love for animals.

The packaging in glass bottles with minimalistic add ons (what is an add on? It's not clear and not a typical word I would use), describe their beauty secrets like the „Coco Gloss“, the „Hyaluron + Bloom Face Toner“ or „Skin Rescue Problem Skin Oil“. We let the founder speak about her pretty achievement in the words below– followed by our little tried & tested report.
So have a read and a very LOVELY DAY:

Lovely Day Botanicals

As Lovely Day is a vegan beauty brand - what are the most important things you count on to create products that are inline with your values?

We only work with suppliers who we know are cruelty free throughout all their business lines. This is very important to us. Our line is 100 % vegan, and this also includes the production of our packaging. No animal derived oils or other animal materials are used in the production process of our bottles and jars.
Josephine Förster





the founder

Josephine Förster

The product that you are most proud of is - and why?

I am very proud of all the products of course but probably of the Charcoal Manuka Mask the most. I designed this product to help people with troubled skin and acne and it really works wonders. I am actually quite suprised about how well it works. People with troubled skin are often really suffering and to me it is a wonderful feeling to know that I can help them. This product is designed not only to combat impurities, but is also moisturizing - which is super important. Often other skincare brands focus too much on the impurities and skip the fact that troubled skin also needs rich and healing oils to actually recover.
Lovely Day Botanicals

Natural beauty is a message that embodies every one of your bottles. Can you tell us what the main ingredients are that you are using and some of their properties?

We work a lot with vegan hyaluronic acid which restores the skins hydration level and slows down signs of aging. Another favourite are fruit acids, which have a mild but effective peeling and boost skin cell turnover. I also love working with plant hydrosols as they add a nice and fresh scent to the products and also have healing properties. We also use fair trade and cold pressed oils for our products, like raspberry seed oil, argan oil, blue tansy or prickly pear. Fruit or tea extracts, for example from hibiscus or green tea,  are responsible for the lovely colouring of our products.


Hello, Spring - Hello, Glow! This credo is the product’s strength - pale skin is almost gone after the first time usage. All you have to do to get this incredible spring glow back on your skin, is to shake the glass bottle, which is armed with a practical spray head, spray the pastel colored liquid on an cotton pad and then smoothly brush it over your face. The fresh blossom smell, which comes from the Hibiscus-Aloe mix inside, is also a feature we liked a lot. Whether you apply it after waking or before you go to bed, this soft fragrance gives you an extra feeling of comfort and relaxation. Just one more thing to mention (an extra plus): this incredible product works on all skin types.

Available on for € 28,–.


SKIN RESCUE Problem Skin Oil
This product promises a relaxation and regeneration of irritated skin thanks to it’s special ingredients: Blue Tansy, named here as a wonder plant (in oil form), combined with well-known skin savers like argan and evening primrose oil.
That’s why we gave this product a try directly after flying. As everyone knows, while travelling, ones skin is prone to dehydration. Discoloration and irritation is also part of the game.  After massaging the cool green oil serum on the clean skin (we applied the toner before of course) the dry parts were gone almost immediately. The skin calmed down and the red and itchy spots disappeared. All that remained was a gorgeous smooth feeling and no oily residue lingered.  We give this product 100/100!

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As known hair lovers, our third choice was this product. The light oil nourishes and cares for dry hair, protecting its length and also gives it a nice, strong feeling. This product worked well - and we tried it on dyed and bleached hair, which is usually the most damaged.  The shine was instantly back, and the ends felt stronger. Again we didn't have to deal with oily remainders, which stayed in the hair. An important tip: use the product on the end of your hair only!  Besides this: Go for it!

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