Best of LONDON fashion week FW'17

Naturally everyone begins their day with getting dressed.  And it is no secret that the fashion crowd is almost expected to put a little extra effort in their outfits, during fashion week. So when I packed my big suitcase (yes, just one) in Munich, I decided to start the first day of London Fashion Week with a tribute to British fashion: A Vintage English riding blazer, I found years ago at Notting Hill Market, belted with a treasure I found in Guatemala, my boyfriends Vivienne Westwood sweater, over my mom’s skirt from the 80s, Navyboot shoes, and every Dandy’s essential: Burlington Socks.

In general I did enjoy the colorful and unique street style I got to see that week.

Before the first show even started there was commotion outside of this year’s London Fashion Week location, The Strand. Beautiful, 60+ year-old ladies, were demonstrating for “real age models” and were telling us / LFW to “grow up”. They were followed by the obligatory animal rights demonstrators, who proved to be incredibly persistent, since they continued to yell at everyone who passed by “to be ashamed of themselves”, all day long for the rest of the week.

As soon as the first show, Teatum Jones, began my mind was completely occupied with the beauty that passed me by, on the runway. Honestly, I have never heard of them before, but what I saw made it on my list of favorite collections in London.

The designer who made me want to fill my closet with his Autumn Winter 2017 collection, was Markus Lupfer. The presentation was held at Blue Fin Venue under a huge glass ceiling, with the sunny, blue sky definitely working in Lupfer’s favor.

There were quite a few presentations that were unique and added a fun factor to, the often way to serious, fashion world.

At Sophia Webster, we were greeted by two beauties throwing fake snow in a huge bubble, danced to DJ Emerald's tunes, while snow cones were being passed around between the real ice sculptures displaying the accessories. This event made you forget the "outside world" and dream.... as fashion should.

A special treat for me, was for sure getting inside the worlds best fashion school, Central Saint Martins and meeting some of the MA fashion design students, who were in midst of finishing up their final collections. Often overlooked is the fact, that aside from the few chosen ones (for reasons, only the chooser himself understands) who get to show their collections on the runway during fashion week, there are even more creative minds with passion and unique visions, who create noteworthy collections. I personally don’t understand the relevance of a model with a pizza in front of her face, or juvenile versions of sexual body parts sewn on dresses on a catwalk…. but that might just be me. But when knit designer Anna Zwick, showed me her collection, it immediately sparked emotion and transported a feeling of comfort and warmth. She told me that she is always inspired by sensitive, raw, sometimes unnerving subjects, that paired with extensive research, she then transforms into something beautiful and appealing.

To all the creative-minds, color-lovers, and unicorn-believers... continue to inspire and be inspired.
- Madelaine DeRose Schäfer


...all pictures were taken by Madelaine DeRose Schäfer