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The lash enhancing serum by Skin Research Labs promises a strengthening effect on lashes in just 30 days. We took this challenge and used this hightech tool.

The idea: The beauty industry is constantly developing new gadgets to support our beauty routine. One of the biggest trends of the last years is - besides strong brows - to have strong and long lashes. But not mascara is the obvious tool to satisfy this need. There is talk of serums, which sould support your natural hairs to grow and to strenghen them. That's why we tried and tested such a product: neuLash - a lash enhancing serum created by SKIN RESEARCH LABS.

All you need to do is to put the treatment, which comes with an eyeliner like brush, along your eyelash line - every night after you cleaned your face. Important is that you repeat it every night, so the product really can affect the growth of the hair. The first positive thing I noticed was, that there was no unpleasant skin reaction, which I knew already from other products. Also the effect, the growth of the lashes, I could recognize pretty soon - already four weeks, like promised. So I kept on doing and the lashes continued being strong and long. Which means: I also won't stop now. Because that's the only tricky thing: As long as you treat your lashes, they will grow further. You stop that, also the effect stops. Just keep that in mind and you won't be disappointed!



Product scan: The special developed Active Eyelash Technology is the secret of the product, which includes: Hyaluron acid and allantoin to moisture the lashed so they are flexible and shiny. Then there is a combination of amino acids and biotechnological producted peptides that strengthen the lashes. One vitamin B for protection and another one for more elasticity. Last but not least the essence comes with a multi tasking pumpkin seed extract, which nurishes the lashes with a combination of strengthening ingredients.

The product is available in three sizes: 2 ml for € 60,–, 3,2 ml for € 85,– and 6ml for € 140,–. Available on

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