Rendez-vous avec YVES

La musée d’Yves Saint Laurent in Paris

PARIS 2017 | picture by Anna Klappenbach ©

PARIS 2017 | picture by Anna Klappenbach ©


In 1962, YVES SAINT LAURENT and Pierre Bergé founded one of the most prestigious haute couture houses that would changes the fashion industry forever. YVES’ creations have set the tone for generations to come. In September, the former head quarters opened their doors to the public, revealing an intimate view into the magical world of YSL - the Musée Yves Saint Lauren Paris.



We couldn’t stay away for long and decided to visit the exhibtion - could there be a better excuse for a weekend in beautiful Paris?


The museum is located in the heart of Paris, right where the fashion house moved its striving business to in 1974. It compromises original sketches, dresses and jewellery as well as a reconstruction of Monsieur SAINT LAURENT's atelier. The interior appears luxurious and homely, more like a private space than a museum. We find ourselves travelling through time as we move from room to room, each dedicated to the most important works YVES has created throughout the years. Many exclusive clips from his shows and interviews of various people let us dive into the glamorous world of French haute couture.


What impressed us most was the insight into the process of creating the garments. SAINT LAURENT worked closely with ateliers, which worked on textiles, featherwork or jewellery. Hundreds of hours of work were necessary to create pieces that were not only of high quality but would also be one of a kind - resulting in prices comparable to that of a Rolls Royce. The heart piece of the museum is the recreation of his studio, in which he would view the “toile”, a first presentation of his designs made of plain white fabric. Details like buttons would be drawn on to give a better idea of what the final design would look like.



Shown on a model, SAINT LAURENT would then view his creations through a large mirror to get a more complete idea of the design and then make changes accordingly. Filled with books that were source of inspiration, hundreds of buttons and fabrics, the studio truly represented the mind that he was.


Museum's insights | Credit: @Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris | pictures by Luc Castel


YVES SAINT LAURENT was ahead of his time. He was the first designer to send exotic models down his runway - white women bored him. He was inspired by foreign countries and cultures and practised diversity without thinking about it twice. Hence the simultaneous opening of the Musée d’Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech, the city in which he spent several months a year seeking inspiration and drafting new designs.


The exhibition is completed by hours worth of videotapes, including many interviews of the creative minds he worked with. They cover each stage of the creative process and the period that followed the fashion shows.

Finishing with the press conference he gave when he closed the fashion house, the museum offers a view on fashion like no other. We feel close to the icon YVES SAINT LAURENT became and admire his work even more now, knowing with how much passion and precision he mastered his craft. We got to know a man who thought outside the box, not only for his haute couture garments but also for the prêt-a-porter collections.


The exhibition made us feel as if we travelled in time; it brought us closer to the magic the city of Paris is made of. Located in the original buildings, the Musée d’Yves Saint Laurent is a must see for your trip to Paris.

Credit: Yves Saint Laurent dans son studio, 1986 | ©DR

Credit: Yves Saint Laurent dans son studio, 1986 | ©DR


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Special thanks fo the Musée Yves Saint Laurent.

A story by Anna Klappenbach