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Masks by ORIGINS | Photography by birdsneverbored.com

Masks by ORIGINS | Photography by birdsneverbored.com


Winter time doesn’t only hit us hard when we have to brave the weather in general. Our skin is the one that suffers very quickly - although silently. That's why we need to take special care of it. So our advice is...

…take it all off and let it breathe!

Cold temperatures outside and warm dry air inside claims a lot from our skin. Red patches and pimples are rising tike flowers in spring. That’s why we should give our skin a break from time to time and take off all make-up to treat it with something calming and cleaning with extra moist. Searching for some care darlings which can pride themselves with success, we finally find a perfect duo which lets us drop our make-up for more than just one day:

CLEAR IMPROVEMENT by ORIGINS - active charcoal mask to clear pores
This unisex mask is made especially to clarify „the dark“. From face to shoulders and to our back, this mask fights for a healthy and deeply clean complexion.
How does it work? Bamboo Charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers, White China clay absorbs environmental toxins, lecithin dissolves impurities.

DRINK UP by ORIGINS- a 10 minute effective mask to quench our skin’s thirst
This beauty-quickie is a real genius when it comes to re-moisturising the skin and to freshen up its complexion. All we want is to have this natural rosy skin tone back when we look in the mirror, no matter if summer or winter. This masks succeeds this challenge by calming sensitive and irritated skin.
How does it work? Algae extracts give an extra hydration push while emollient-rich apricot kernel oil smoothes and softens dry, dehydrated skin. Moisture levels are instantly boosted.
Happy skin? Yes, we think so, and we also see it after using these two products for a couple of weeks in a row - each of them once a week …no make up needed - at least not necessarily.

Available at origins.de
Thx to ORIGINS for letting us try!

Story by Kate Fronius

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