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Patrick. Tattoos and T Shirts


Tattoos and T-Shirts.


Patrick Bates has established quite a following as a tattoo artist. His hand poked tattoos are quite recognisable, as the majority of them are words. Important words, as the artist puts it on his INSTAGRAM. And they’re much more than just words - Patrick plays wit them in a creative way, using a lot of different means to make them even more meaningful. Some of his pieces come in pairs and complement each other, one placed on the left and one on the right hand side of the body. Others are mirrored, so the person wearing it can read them in the mirror.


Credit: Tattoos by Patrick Bates | Reposts via INSTAGRAM


There are many things about Patrick and his tattoos that are special. He taught himself how to tattoo and has been tattooing himself and friends for a while, but went full time with it in July last year. Whilst his pieces are straight forward and simple, his technique and the meaning behind each word is immense.
And it’s going well - he’s travelling the world, tattooing people around the globe.

Obviously, tattoos are not for everyone, so we’re extremely happy Patrick also runs a clothes company called MISSPENT YOUTH, that makes his designs available to anyone without making them go through the pain and commitment that comes with ink under skin.


Credits from left | Reposts via MISSPENT YOUTH, clients wearing his t-shirts:
@vladisonrrisa | @super.katz | @_jemmawade


The ONLINE SHOP offers a collection of T-shirts in black, white, grey and pink. Each has some words hand printed on them; a little bit ironic and a little bit serious at the same time. We love them. If you can’t decide which one to get, you can also get pins or tote bags and combine them with anything you fancy.

Credit: Repost via MISSPENT YOUTH | Picture by @nicolsaur

Credit: Repost via MISSPENT YOUTH | Picture by @nicolsaur


We’re definitely in love with the tees that just go with anything - jeans, skirts, bomber jacket or blazer, you name it. These unique pieces will definitely enrich your life and wardrobe and clearly make a a very special Christmas present.

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Picture Credit (above) by Patrick Bates via

A story by Anna Klappenbach

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