Played, loved and CURATED BY GIRLS

Co-Founder & CEO Laetitia Duveau about
the new art show “New Masculinity” and more.

by Kate Fronius

Picture by ©Liam Warton

Picture by ©Liam Warton


There are many different ways art crosses our paths these days. One of them is Instagram, a tool that allows artists to show their work worldwide and almost without any restrictions. CURATED BY GIRLS is a project that welcomed this approach with open arms. They took their expertise online – but they also went one step further, by doing art shows based on that.


Curated by Girls

Co-Founder and CEO Laetitia Duveau alias Little Voice is the mastermind behind the platform.
Picture by Philippe Duval


She, Laetitia, spreads the love of art via the popular social media platform, but also brings the artist together at the shows she curates in Berlin. The current one NEW MASULINITY is a show exhibiting 3 artists on that topic. This gave us the great opportunity to talk with Laetitia alias Little Voice about founding this great platform and why art, Instagram and Berlin provide a perfect base to fall in love with new artists.


Curated by Girls is a brand new art concept happening in Berlin - how and when did it all start?

CBG is an online and Berlin-based platform that gives visibility to visual artists driven by a mission to spread love, softness, and equality.
It was born one year and a half ago. My photographer friend Ophélie Rondeau came up to me with this idea to put up a platform for artists and diversity. (Unfortunately Ophelie wasn’t able to continue and I found myself on my own.)

A year ago I organized the first CBG exhibition “Freer In Berlin – New Femininity“.

To be honest I didn’t know anything about curating or organizing events, and I was really surprised and happy by the amazing support I received from the local people, as well as the press. Since then I have organized several other shows.

What does art mean to you?

Art is about freedom. It’s a creative process to express oneself. It should be as honest as it can be. It’s therapy! Feelings and emotions are dissected by the artist. It can be beautiful, shocking or anything! But it should be true and honest, not wanting to be product.

Art has always been a huge part of my life. I always knew I was an artist. I suffered from extreme shyness, blocking me as a child and teenager. I used music and dance to communicate at that time, and this has helped me overcome this problem.

What does social media mean to you (pro and contra)?

Social media is a tool! Which means it’s either bad or good. We find it good when it has a positive value and bad, of course when not. But it’s a tool. Nothing more than that.

To me it is an indispensable tool. Anyone can become a curator nowadays. You just need to get on Instagram to create a gallery, or you can also build a website. It’s very easy! Before that, being a curator was reserved to an elite.

What does Instagram mean to you and your project?

Instagram is a tool, and it is also a game! You play the game or you don’t! I love games.

What is the major goal you want to reach with Curated by Girls?

Curated by girls is already something strong. And I would lie if I said I don’t want it to grow more. But honestly, I don’t project myself too far. I work hard and I try my best to do a good job and stick to the idea of what it is supposed to be: A voice for the artists of the world, women of course but also anyone who has been unheard!

In the near future I would like to bring CBG overseas by organizing exhibitions in other parts of the world with local artists.

How does your daily work life routine look like?

I’m a workaholic. I have to split my time between CBG, my music (Free Free Dom Dom), and my Instagram work.

It’s mainly computer stuff. It’s not as fancy as it seems but I am lucky I get to be in touch with a lot of people, in different fields as I also organize events. And I have to say there are a lot of lovely people out there. I don’t talk about mean ones. They hurt me but they are only a few.

How many projects you already could realize since you founded Curated by Girls?

Thanks to CBG I have been involved in many great projects, like the “Gender Revolution“ for Vogue Germany & Nike, the “Feminist Film Week” exhibition, The “Ehe Für Alle” campaign with iHeartBerlin and Skyy Vodka, or the CSD with Tenga…and  I have organized several events like “poster Boys” with Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, “Digital_Luv” with KALTBLUT Magazine, “Non-Binary Portraits” with Laurence Philomene….I’ve been quite busy!

New masculinity is your newest project - what is happening during the show’s running time (11-12 Nov)?

New Masculinity is our next IRL show. It’s a weekend exhibition that will take place at Blender Studio in Berlin-Neukölln.  The show will explore a new and softer perspective of masculinity through the works of 4 great emerging photographers: Annika Weertz, Phoebe Jane Barrett, Joseph Barret, and Liam Warton.

In addition to the exhibition, there will be drinks, snacks, gifts from Tenga (a japanese sex-toys brand), and there will be music provided by Jonny Tiernan from Lola Magazine.
3 of the artists will be present!

Credits from left to right:
picutre by ©Annika Weertz | picture by ©Joseph Barrett | picture by ©Liam Warton | picture by ©Phoebe Jane Barrett


What is the story of the new show?

The 4 photographers found each other on Instagram, as they were all exploring a different portrayal of masculinity, and decided to team up to drive attention to this topic. Annika Weertz came up to me with this project and I immediately said yes. I found the idea of focusing on men and a softer masculinity very interesting.

Men’s and women’s behavior has been imposed by society, but it is evolving for both. While many women suffer from sexism and discrimination, some men are also victims of that. They are expected to act and react a certain way and violently criticized if not. But many men have a strong feminine side, and we want to celebrate it.

For the future we have to hope that the society evolves so that men and women no longer have to deal with issues related to gender stereotypes.

Do you have a main message to share with us?

Life is not about the goal it’s about the journey. You can make your journey beautiful or you can choose to make it ugly.
Be free to be who you want to be. Go for what you want, work hard on it but don’t take yourself too seriously. Life is a just a game.

Your life motto is…

Never give up.


Curated by Girls presented “New Masculinity” exhibition at Blender Studio, in association with Prod.Exe, on November 11 & 12, 2017. In an effort to expose the softness of this world, CURATED BY GIRLS couldn’t be more excited to present NEW MASCULINITY to its audience.

The IRL show will feature the works of 4 Artists who joined forces for this one time event:
Annika Weertz (Germany)
Joseph Barrett (England)
Liam Warton (Sweden)
Phoebe Jane Barrett (England/ Germany)

The 4 artists found each other on Instagram as they were all exploring a new and different portrayal of masculinity.

After exchanging online, they felt like the growing interest for women and all-girls projects, was perpetuating the gender inequality we are all fighting against. They decided to team up in order to drive attention to this topic.

In a very sensitive time, where many women are still victims of violence from men, it is important to show that men are not all macho beasts craving for power. Many men have a very strong feminine side. We want to celebrate the beauty and evolution of masculinity.