The magical masks of MAGIC STRIPES


BEAUTY FOCUS: After party or simply stressed out skin - these beauty masks from MAGICSTRIPES are our favorite special agents to rescue and to beautify. THE IDEA: Masks are every beauty addict’s favorites. Why is that, is easy to answer: Masks have the intensified power of normal care. So which problem you deal with, when you find a mask that suits your request, it’s the easiest and quickest way to deal with it and to solve the beauty problem.

The magical masks from MAGICSTRIPES go one step further: based on high effektive sheets, which are soaked with the most effective care cocktails, the German brand offers almost on every problem a perfect solution. …and that’s why we haven’t just tested one of them …we tested five different ones.

TRIED & TESTED: The Eye Lid Lifting patches: They are not common treatment, they are the perfect tools for a instand effect. Once you apply them on the upper part of the flexible eye lid the skin above it literally moves up, which means: blepharochalasis disappear! And the best thing is: over those silicone eyelid correction patches you can put your make up. So you can wear them every day!

The Collagen Lifting Mask: This beauty partner is the one to count on, when you feel like your face profile under your chin loses it’s perfect shape. Besides its perfect suitable shape (you tense the mask from ear to ear) the powerful ingredients like collagen, caffeine, vitamin C, vitamin E, macadamia nut oil and water lift visibly and form your profile. That’s why it became our total must-have before shoots and special events – those days you want to present yourself in best shape.

MAGIC STRIPES magical masks
MAGIC STRIPES magical masks

The Hand Repairing Gloves: Have been the next ones on our testing list. And it turned out they are our totally winter’s favorites. Especially in areas like Berlin where cold hits you, this special treatment is perfectly made to moisturize your dry hands again - plus: the gloves also stimulate the skin's renewal process again.

Wake me up Collagen Eye Patches: Their name is their credo and for sure we don’t want to live without them anymore. Placed directly under the eyes their special formula and cooling power magic dark circles, flawless skin and swollen parts away …just great!

Deep Detoxing Tightening Mask: If you are a non stop working lady, all day busy mum or party girl, this mask you will fall in love with. Because this clarify mask combines ultra fine clay particles and the microfiber mask sheet, not only retains an excellent cleaning function, but also helps shaping and tightening the skin. Based on the newest scientific and technological achievement for clay masks, this one is our glow wonder 2016 and shouldn’t be missing in no ones bathroom!

Eye Lid Lifting is available in three different sizes starting with a package of 64 stripes for € 19,-. Collagen Lifting Mask is available in packages or as single mask for € 10,-. Hand Repairing Gloves cost as single package about € 12,-. One pair of the Wake me up Collagen Eye Patches costs about € 8,-. Deep Detoxing Tightening Mask in a single package is available for € 14,-.

More about the MAGICSTRIPES masks and the online shop find directly on:

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