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ABOUT MY LOOK: Christmas is approaching, but as long is snow is not falling, I love to still wear my flats. One of my favorites come this season from DR. MARTENS – the Cavendish from their new LITE collection. Why LITE? LITE means that the well-known models come now in a more slimmer, more „light“ shape. Besides this fact the perfect fit fit on the feet is what they focussed on, what makes them super comfy. To winterize them I like combine them with blue jeans, nice knits – I’m totally in turtle necks at the moment – and one more time one of my beloved bomber jackets.

WHEN TO WEAR: Denim, bomber and black flats: This trio is perfectly made for an everyday's look – once you have it in our wardrobe, there is almost no day you couldn’t find a way or excuse to wear it. So whether you are out to go on a Christmas shopping tour or you wear it more business like for meetings with clients, this is one of those looks I draw on.

My styling tipp: For sure I like to wear this outfit the most wearing it with socks. But not everyone likes this Michael Jackson-style. So that’s what I can give everybody to take along: Socks tell a lot about yourself. So be aware the choice you make - you might take glittery once to get dressed for a more elegant occasion, the white socks are perfect for a trendy look, but they always look more sporty. You want to stye it more discreet, then better wear tights - classics in black or also some with patterns.

DOC's flats in LITE
DOC's flats in LITE

THE CHOSEN ONES: DM LITE Cavendish by DR. MARTENS for € 150,–. Vendela Sparkle Polo with turtle neck by WEEKDAY for € 45,–. Trooper Jacket by WEEKDAY for € 70,–. Thursday Peer Blue denim by WEEKDAY for € 50,–.


DOC's flats in LITE
DOC's flats in LITE

Side note:  ...something more about the shoes we want to mention: DM’s LITE takes all of the iconic DNA and associated comfort and durability that the brand is famous for, but on a new ultra-lightweight Phylon midsole, to offer styles that transcend from workwear to fashion and take classic shoe making skills into street up lifestyle products. They are available in three styles – the Newton 8-Eye Boot, Cavendish 3-Eye Shoe and Edison Tassel Loafer. All of them are available in Black or Cherry Red Temperley leather. Each comes with a SoftWair memory foam insole, with moisture- wicking technology. The lightweight but tough and flexible rubber outsole maximises durability and comfort for the wearer. The famous yellow stitching and grooved sidewall on the sole are familiar brand markers.


my photographer Alessandro Marchetta for this Look of the Week shoot


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