Colour Correction by DIOR beauty


What’s it all about: colour correction and the perfect complexion made by DIOR Beauty

Where is it happening: wherever you need it

The message: Nobody ever said it’s easy to look perfect. But we get closer to a quite easy solution thanks to DIOR. There is talk of colour correction all around the globe when it comes to the perfect skin tone… but how to create that in everyday life? The answer is right here: chose one of the five colours Dior offers - the tone you need is based on your beauty problem, which is written on the packaging. Then all you have to do is paint it on the parts you want to cover, blend it and dark cycles, red spots or flawless skin parts are gone!

Tired & Tested: We tried the yellow stick and the green one. One based on the idea to cover dark cycles like under your eyes, the other one is made to cover redness like next to your nose. Your conclusion: We never put on our make up without it anymore!

Side Note: Fix It Colour 2-In-1 Prime & Colour Correct Face - Eyes - Lips in Yellow corrects dark spots and under-eye circles for lighter skin tones and neutralizes lips that have a blue hue, bringing out the true colour of your lipstick. Green: the anti-redness ally that tones down flushed areas of the complexion. Each one for around € 35,–.

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