Introducing BLACK ANAAR


....and our partner in crime for the fourth COLLECTION on BIRD’S NEVER BORED featuring the beauty of femininity.

What is it all about:BLACK ANAAR captures kaleidoscopic influences of cultures, embroidering stories and enlivening all elements of its designs from inception to adornment.

Where is it happening: Born in Bahrain this brand is now also exploring the Berlin market.

The message: BLACK ANAAR’s eponym comes from the myth surrounding the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden and in turn the first dressing of Adam and Eve. The legend still stands that ancient Bahrain (Dilmon) was this paradise. The Anaar (Farsi, Urdu and Hindi), meaning pomegranate (from medieval Latin pomum "apple" and granatum "seeded"), was the original forbidden fruit. The apple later replaced the pomegranate so that westerners could better understand the Genesis story. The pomagranate its importance as a staple fruit in the region is linked to its rich symbolic history. These strands of connectivity are also visible in the past and present iconography of various cultures and religions. Black Anaar tries to express this nexus within elements of its designs.

Frances Stafford designer of BLACK ANAAR

Frances Stafford designer of BLACK ANAAR

The meaning:  The reference to the color black alludes to mystique and alternative expression but also is the original color for the feminine. Man was linked to the sun and light, and women, the moon and darkness. Black Anaar likes looking at such binaries and their starting points.

First impression: In the face of globalized brands that push for consumption and disregard both the community and the individual, BLACK ANAAR is a return to processes and values lost.

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