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We often hear the older generation saying: Back in the day, everything was better. A statement that is definitely not true. However, what’s definitely not wrong is that tradition and history have the power to improve our lifestyles. The new creation by ETRO captures this secret essence in a wonderful new perfume bottle. The code words are: New Tradition. A scent that settles the old and opens us up for something totally new…

This scent reminds me of: Perfumery the old fashioned way, but not in a powdery and heavy context. It feels more like a wonderful elegant perfume like back in the day when perfumery was a prestigious art that not everybody could afford. It almost reminds me of a tailored gown or suit, but in a new, cool style and way. The craftsmanship is based on tradition, but the vision is new and fresh.

New Tradition by ETRO
New Tradition by ETRO

What it feels like: pure elegance mixed up with a cool fresh note. Like a luxurious cocktail, mixed in a silver shaker. Before this excellent elixir is served the creator adds some fresh and unexpected ingredients - like a touch of pepper or a tropical fruit skin.

For: As this EAU DE TOILETTE combines the typical masculine notes of lavender and citrus fruits with captivating feminine ingredients like rose and ylang-ylang, the fragrance also fits both genders. What both wearers will have in common is the singular, hypnotic sensuality that this fragrance projects to the outer world.

Side note: This perfume describes the perfect way that a safe and also modern chord can seem so familiar but still surprise with new spirit.

Available at: for € 102,– (100ml Eau de Toilette).


What’s inside:

top notes | Bergamot, Lemon, Lavender
middle notes | Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Iris, Clove
base notes | Patchouly, Vetiver, Musk

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