Sunday SCENT N°10


To celebrate the tenth edition of our Sunday Scent, we’re letting you in on two new scent creations this time. With that, we mean the newly released THE SILK, by Sensai, which comes in two versions: an Eau de Parfum and an Eau de Toilette. Although that just sounds like you’re getting the same scent in different intensities, if you inhale deeply you’ll discover two wonderful perfumes with very different impressions, both sharing the same soul: silk …

This scent reminds me of: Summer vs. winter, day vs. night, cold vs. warm: if you compare the Eau de Toilette to the Eau de Parfum, you’ll experience all of these contrasts. The same scope of possibilities found in silk as well. A material not just known for its timeless beauty and elegance, but one that enriches many Japanese skincare and beauty creations. A most powerful capability for changing character, reflected well in these two perfumes.

The Silk EdP and EdT by SENSAI
The Silk EdP and EdT by SENSAI

What it feels like: I would almost describe these perfumes as the perfect olfactory cocoon of fragrances: The EAU DE TOILETTE is much fresher and cooler – which just makes the summery EAU DE PARFUM so much warmer and richer. A wonderful feeling no matter the fragrance that you choose, you’re free to let your mood decide for you.

For: This is a creation for mother or daughter, for femme fatale or business lady, for a shy and likewise a very sophisticated woman – the one thing in common, aside from the timeless elegance, is the blanket of silken beauty that drapes over the skin in the most pleasant of ways.

Side note: While the EAU DE PARFUM shines in its richness, smothered in amber, the EAU DE TOILETTE’s radiance is underscored by white flowers and viole.

Available at: for about € 119,– (50ml Eau de Parfum) click here to shop. And for € 98,– (50ml Eau de Toilette) click here to shop.

What’s inside: top notes | Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Pear, Violet middle notes | Peony, Amber, Orchid, Lily of the Valley base notes | Tonka Bean, Musk


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