Prestige Masque SYN-AKE by It's Skin


BEAUTY FOCUS: To take your beauty-routine one step further. THE IDEA: This beauty product one of the most popular of our time: the sheet mask. Instead of applying the powerful ingredients in a cream or gel directly to the skin, this mask comes as a ready-made fleece, which you just have to lay over your skin. The deeply dipped layers hold all of its beautifying power within: in this case, the mask should bring the ultimate finish in your beauty routine, treating your skin with effective moisturizers and the exclusive rejuvenating ingredient: the SYN-AKE agent.

TRIED & TESTED: : With the „PRESTIGE MASQUE SYN-AKE“ mask by IT’S SKIN the Swiss beauty specialist wants to give us an extraordinary tool with a not only long lasting rejuvenating benefit, but with an instant effect as well. And it totally works: after applying the two-piece sheet (one for the upper part of your face and one for the jaw-line) on cleaned and dry skin, it stays there for around 15 minutes. ###COL### After the ingredients interact with the surface, the skin looks much fresher: small lines disappear, the skin looks plump and the skin tone gets back its fresh and rosy hue. A perfect boosting tool with special anti-aging treatments, or just for younger skin for a special occasion – that’s why I tried it out after my holidays, when my skin was unbalanced and dry after flights and many different weather conditions.

PRODUCT SCAN: „PRESTIGE MASQUE SYN-AKE“ operates with strong high-tech ingredients and is nothing for teenager skin types. But for all other users it’s the perfect beauty tool to boost or give the skin a special youth-treatment with an instant effect. Secret tip: After 15-20 minutes remove the mask and massage the remaining product into your skin. Available in single packages for each € 18,95 or as 5-pieces package for € 93,90 on

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