Luxurious DETERGENTS by L’Eaundy


BEAUTY FOCUS: Perfume your favourite clothes the careful way. THE IDEA: Washing our clothes is unavoidable. It’s a part of our daily routine, therefore making it even more important to create something special for the task – which is just what L’Eaundry did. The result is a collection of detergents, luxurious with soft, subtle fragrances, just like high end perfumes, exactly what we need to care for our finest clothes - from cashmere to silk – and composed of the best ingredients.

TRIED & TESTED: „L’EAUNDRY MINIATURES“ by L’EAUNDRY | As most of you might know, I’m still enjoying my holidays, but what I don’t like is the fact that, at one point, all your good clothes are dirty and your available wardrobe slims down to those old pieces you wore last year. That’s why I brought these wonderful care darlings with me - now is the best time to test them: „Oriental Olibanum“, „Asian Ginger Flower“ and „Scandinavian Moss“ (my personal favourite), are all part of this wonderful mini-collection which is perfectly suited for travelling. Aside from their phenomenal smell, they perfectly clean and treat the clothes – trust me, I just did another round of washing in my hotel room. So even if we don’t use them for your everyday laundry or normal street clothes, I really can recommend them for those special items. The ones that we want to keep longer than just a season. The ones who deserve special treatment, those we enjoy taking care of, to then be rewarded with a completely new wearing experience.

Laundry Fragrance Detergent Miniatures
Laundry Fragrance Detergent Miniatures

PRODUCT SCAN: „ORIENTAL OLIBANUM“ with frankincense smells like a fairy tale out of the 1001 nights. „ASIAN GINGER FLOWER“ combines the specialty of the ginger fragrance with a romantic, flowery attitude and „SCANDINAVIAN MOSS“ is the clean, fresh one with deep natural tones such as sandalwood. Available for € 68,– (1000 ml bottle), the „Laundry Fragrance Detergent Miniatures“ cost € 48,–. Available on

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