WAVY wonders


Beauty focus: Summery hairytales.

THE IDEA: Nobody wants to spend more time than necessary in the bathroom figuring out complicated hairstyles, especially in summer. That’s why beach waves have become so popular: All you have to do is embellish your hairs natural waves. However, without the perfect tools this might become mission impossible, which is why we’ve been searching for the right solution – these are the products that impressed us the most.

TRIED & TESTED: „Wonder Cleanse & Nourish“ by PERCY & READ| A wonderful all-in-one solution to clean and care for your hair. The only thing worth mentioning is: this product is probably better for thicker hair as it has a rich care formula. The good thing is that especially slightly curly hair receives that perfect amount of moisture, making it easier for the beach waves to come out when your hair dries. „Australian Salt Spray“ by DAVID MALLETT| a great spray to pump up volume and boost the naturally wavy structure of your hair. Just use it surgically – apply small pumps to your roots or hands and knead in before adding more. The sprays effect is very strong!

„Macobadogel“ by LESS IS MORE| this styling gel is great for emphasizing your waves when you let your hair air-dry. It gives shape and lets the hair shine.

PRODUCT SCAN: „Wonder Cleanse & Nourish“ by Percy & Reed for € 24,50, available at niche-beauty.com. „Australian Salt Spray“ by David Mallett for € 30,– available at duftcontor.de. „Macobadogel“ by Less is More (30 ml, travel size) for € 8,–.

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