BEAUTY FOCUS: Rebalance your skin.

THE IDEA: During summer, our skin needs a healthy and balanced moisture level more than ever. Aside from drinking water, which is the standard, healthy basis of everything, the right treatment can make a real difference. Although everyones skin is different, the application of oils is considered standard and state of the art. But does this also apply when it comes to high outside temperatures? We say: yes, because we found the perfect product with which to rebalance the skin, without a heavy extra layer of fats.

TRIED & TESTED: „Ideal Moisture Level Serum“ by TWELVE BEAUTY| Aside from it being an organic beauty brand, the companies specialty, a beauty oil that promises to provide ideal moisture for our skin caught our attention. Without a doubt, it’s a wonderful product - whether you are a dry or oily skin type. The so-called hydroregulative serum has a wonderful silky, but still light texture and permeates the skin within seconds after application. You can see the boosting effect almost right away: fine lines disappear, the complexion returns to its smoothness and a fresh glow returns back just after just a few days of use. A great treatment in summer, when your skin suffers from aggressive sun, air-conditioning and stress.

PRODUCT SCAN: „Ideal Moisture Level Serum“ by TWELVE BEAUTY uses a special blend of four powerful antioxidants and nutrients including White Genepi extract to protect the skin and Imperatorial Leaf extract, which stands out with its astringent action alongside strong anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore it contains Mallow Flower extract, a soothing, anti-irritating ingredient and Butterfly Bush leaf extract, which offers anti-oxidant protection against UV rays. Available at for € 52,–.

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