Good luck TROLLS by M.A.C. Cosmetics


What is it all about: A make-up expert reviving one of our coolest childhood memories: the TROLLS.

Where is it happening: In the form of a limited edition make-up collection.

The message: Why do we have to grow up if we still can count on our sweetest dolls? Maybe not quite the reason why M.A.C. Cosmetics chose to bring back our favourite good luck trolls, but it still feels magical: the cute and crazy looking dolls, with their powerful and wild hair, act as models for this new makeup collection. The result is a limited edition collection of makeup classics including powders and pigments – spiced up with with little trolls crawling across the packaging and further inspired by their typical 90ies palette of neon colours.

On board: Lipsticks in four different shades such as xxxx, each for € 21,– and two different tones of beauty powder for € 25,– each. Also worth trying are the pigments for € 23,50, the lip gloss, which comes in four different troll-shades for € 18,– each, a special glitter for € 24,–, reflex glitter in two tones for € 24,– and last but not least some mono eyeshadows for € 19,– each, chroma craze in two colours for € 19,50 and a limited fibre face brush for € 54,50.

First Impression: A memorable make-up collection and a must have for all the girls out there that grew up in the 90ies like I did. Available now, but supplies are limited!

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