Sunday SCENTS N°2


My pick for today - Sunday scent No.2 - a fragrance by one of my most beloved perfumers: JAMES HEELEY. The creation I recently fell in love with is called COCCOBELLO. This is how it happened:

This scent reminds me of: When I was little, my family and I spent a few weeks in Italy pretty much every year - most of the time at the beach. Aside from the fact that the delicious „coco bello“ was sold there - this eponymous scent has much more in common with my lovely memory - a memory of light-hearted summers where the smell of sweet smell of sunscreen and coconut oil touches you all over, sometimes interrupted by the salty smell of the sea where waves are breaking. Everything around you is fresh, pure, sweet and has a certain depth at the same time. A unique smell, like fresh sweat on the skin. That’s how summer and this perfume smells for me.

What it feels like: I have to make clear: I’m not a beach girl. But I love heat. So this definitely not the typical beach fragrance that we are speaking of. This Eau de Parfum describes the warm and likewise overwhelming feeling of being covered in sunlight in a wonderful way. Occasionally interrupted by a fresh and light breeze of air and shadows. And, of course, the smell of wet sand that gives this summery mix an earthy, deep strength that almost feels like your soul is being touched.

For: Man, woman, boy, girl: everybody who wants to get this feeling of summery freedom back should apply a hint of this vibrating creation. At least to escape from reality for a moment - and to enjoy the summer with all its senses.

Available for € 125 (100ml Eau de Parfum).


What’s inside:

top notes | top notes | gardenia, palm leaves
middle notes | manoi, fresh coconut, bourbon vanilla
base notes | Virginia cedar wood, sandalwood, benzoin