Stockholm meeting with VERSO

Care products and especially cosmetics are constant companions in our every day life and beauty routine. One brand, VERSO, caught my attention a long time ago. Why is simple: Aside from its smart and brilliant effect on my skin, the design is something to fall in love with at first sight. No wonder - the founder of SELEGO AB, Lars Fredriksson, the company behind the beauty brand, is based up north. More precisely, in Stockholm - one of Europe’s most inspiring design hotspots. That’s why the next edition of our holiday stories brought us to an interview with him. We want to travel in style, so why not ask the most inspiring design people all over the world about their personal hometown, and of course for some more insights into the brand they work for.

Founder of VERSO: Lars Fredrikkson
Founder of VERSO: Lars Fredrikkson


Name | Lars Fredriksson
Profession | Founder of VERSO
Nationality | Swedish
Current residence | Stockholm
Favorite artist | Coldplay
Favorite movie | Godfather
Favorite song | Life on Mars by David Bowie
Favorite book | Inside spy by Anders Jallai


What are the most important facts about VERSO that we need to know?
Verso has a proven technology with great anti-aging benefits using a very low concentration of Vitamin A.

What did you focus on when you were creating this product line?
I wanted to create a skincare line with excellent technology and the greatest functionality and pack it all into timeless & classic packaging. Not sure I had a single brand in mind but generally looking at the so called ”Dr’s Brands” and then packaging towards classics like Chanel.

How did you found your brand?
I founded Verso about 5 years ago, after reading about a new stabilized vitamin A technology in a medical journal.

The design of the products is outstanding - what is your design credo?
Simplicity & functionality.

You live and work in Stockholm. How does this city influence your working process?
Stockholm has so many creative people and I sense an optimism that nothing is impossible.

Is VERSO also representative of the style of the city?
Not sure if it represents the style of Stockholm but it certainly represents the Scandinavian heritage of less is more and simplicity & functionality.

Describe Stockholm in three words:
Beautiful, fantastic & creative.

Stockholm has a long history in matters of style. Verso is also a brand that sticks out with a specific style and function. Do you think there is a „typical“ Scandinavian way of treating skin - or is there anything else you would say that’s „totally Stockholm“ in the way treating skin?
I am not sure it’s a typical Scandinavian way of treating the skin more than in general, Scandinavian women use fewer products compared to southern European & Asian women. Verso has become more of an urban brand that attracts cosmopolitan people that appreciate efficacy, design, quality and functionality.

As Stockholm is a style Mecca - what places would you recommend when visiting the city?
I definitely recommend following Södermalm area nd stores & shop at Götgatan (Brunogallerian). ... and area around Nytorget and a lovely restaurant and deli called Urban Deli. NK department Store in the city center. Never miss Östermalms saluhall (foodcourt) and if the weather permits, walk along Strandvägen and have a drink at Josefinas.

What are your favourite restaurants?
Nosh & Chow for its fantastic surroundings and amazing food. Sturehof, a classic that never goes wrong.

For a little break in between, where do you go?
I can stop by at Taverno Brillo café or an excellent espresso at Bianchi Café Cycles.

What are your most beloved locations when it comes down to Museums, art and culture ... I appreciate and try to visit as much as possible Fotografiska, which is an international meeting spot for photography. It has different events and exhibitions, always very inspiring.

Where should you go for some insights into the world of fashion and beauty?
To travel and meet people from different cultures and creative minds. I think a mix if Asia and Scandinavia is interesting.

How would you describe Stockholm’s style?
People like to exercise, eat healthy and are easy-going.

Your favourite drink:
Moscow mule

Your favourite food:
Seafood / shellfish

Your favourite fashion brand:
Filippa K

Your favourite perfume brand: