Remain CAPSULE collection by Weekday


What is it all about: A collection based on six leftover textiles.

Where is it happening: Stockholm, Sweden

The message: Don’t waste what’s valuable. Following this Japanese credo, which was created by the Mottainai, Weekday decided to create a whole new capsule collection based on leftover materials. The title of the collection: REMAINS. A name that perfectly represents the creed of focusing on the most sustainable way to use materials in the fashion industry in modern times.

On board: This time, Weekday is featuring mainly denim pieces. In the near future, other materials like jersey and knit should also become a part of this long-lasting new collection-concept.

First Impression: The 5-material based collection with jackets, trousers, a wonderful patchwork blanket and a denim shirt reflect the great design strategy of the brand and also the wonderful idea behind it. A must have for fashion lovers who think ahead.

Available online and at the end of July in stores in Germany