London meeting with GVYN

Nothing inspires a designer more than his or her surroundings. We wanted to give the cities and places where our favourite designers work and live some credit: First of all to gather insights into the designer’s work and secondly for some juicy travel tips.

Ulrike Seeber: Designer & Founder of GVYN
Ulrike Seeber: Designer & Founder of GVYN

First up is the wonderful creator of GVYN bags, Ulrike Seeber. Born in Berlin, she founded her label in 2014 during Fashion Week in London, where she is also based. Read our interview with her: about her brand, her persona and of course about London. We hope you enjoy the ride …



Name | Ulrike Seeber
Profession| Bag designer
Nationality | Deutsch
Current residence| London
Designer of| GVYN
Favorite artist| Gerhard Richter
Favorite movie| The only thing I know: it's not Dirty Dancing anymore (it used to be for a loooog time) Favorite song|The songs sung by birds out in the nature. Otherwise: At the moment I love HVOB, who I experienced at the Further Future Festival in the Las Vegas desert a few weeks ago ...
Favorite book|The art of loving (Erich Fromm)


What are the most important facts about GVYN that we need to know?
GVYN is a minimalist handbag brand. We launched 1.5 years ago at London Fashion Week and are currently stocked in France, UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, the USA and Japan. We work between London and Berlin.

What stylistic trademarks do you focus on when designing these accessories?
Minimalism – a clean look and functionality.

How did you found your brand?
First I had to make the choice to found my own brand. Then I did the "How to start your own fashion brand" and "Handbag design" short courses at the London College of Fashion – afterwards I just started, and have never looked back. Of course, there were moments when I hit a wall, but I never stopped looking for solutions and always ended up finding them. I have learned one mantra: relax, think big, never give up and always be positive.

What is your design credo?
Everything must have a function. Apart from that, when it comes to the materials, I also believe in minimalism and sleekness.

You live and work in London. How does this city influence your creative process?
London is a city full of contrasts, which is super exciting. I work with people from Burberry, Mulberry and Victoria Beckham, so super talented and creative people from all over the world surround me. That’s why our work process is very nourishing. Also, the city’s contrasts make you more creative, because you see so many different lifestyles and people with different and exciting backgrounds. The people here are very open-minded – giving you a fresh view and pushing you to try out new things and explore new paths. Creativity means bringing together things that haven't been brought together so far.

Is GVYN representative of the style of the city?
I think GVYN is a mixture of London, Paris and L.A. – L.A. is much more dynamic and creative than New York at the moment. There's a lot happening and many creatives from New York move to L.A..

Describe London in three words: Dynamic, vibrant and international.

Traveling and bags have a long, common history. So, which bag is your favorite
to travel with?

Until GVYN starts making luggage I prefer travelling with RIMOWA. I travel a lot, so they are the best for me. Organisation is important for me, even when I travel, so I put little SKUBB boxes from IKEA inside my suitcase so that everything still has its place.

As London is a fashion Mecca - what places would you recommend when
visiting the city?

The best department stores are Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.

What are your favorite restaurants?
Tamarind (Indian), Hakkasan (modern Chinese), La petite maison (French) and Ivy Chelsea Garden (great brunch in a beautiful garden in Chelsea) ….

For a little break in between, where do you go?
I love Juicebaby. Everything is vegan and they have many raw-vegan things, too. I am a peanut butter Florentines addict, and their caramel bar, but they have great cold-pressed juices as well ….

And your favorite drink is ...
My green smoothie – I make it every day with my Vitamix. It’s made out of a lot of spinach, a little banana, orange and a tiny hint of almond milk.

Your favorite food ... always in my fridge: avocado, spinach, organic salmon and almond milk. Basically I am a vegan who eats fish {loughing} ….

Museums, art and culture surround you from the moment you arrive in London. Your most beloved locations are ...
V&A Museum, Saatchi Gallery, National Gallery and – when you are with kids – definitely the Natural History Museum. Tate Gallery for modern Art and the Royal Academy of Arts (The last exhibition I saw there was Ai Weiwei) are obviously must-go’s….

Where should you go for some insights into the world of fashion?
V&A Museum for an insight about the last 100 years of fashion….

How would you describe London’s contemporary style?
Everybody is constantly on the run – people are in London for 2-5 years, so everything is very dynamic, flexible and a bit superficial. Also, everybody lives super healthy, often wears gym clothes or at least trainers, is very social and super open-minded as well as very tolerant.