About FOOD


Last week we started our new series for the upcoming holiday season TRAVEL IN STYLE. Also, today we present a piece included in this story portfolio. One that will go much further than to just accompany your travels – and it’s all about one thing: FOOD.

I want to welcome a very special guest here on birdsneverbored.com today: an incredible woman and dear friend of mine, Kim Benjamin, whom I met here in Berlin. She is what you would call a power lady, but one without that typical superficial attitude. So, besides taking a break from her former career as a DJ booker and artist manager, this cool American girl from San Francisco is now loving and living in Berlin. And she is what we call a FOODIE. No one I know is so into restaurants, food, dishes and drinks (especially iced drinks!) like this woman - and her enthusiasm is contagious.


Apart from having an eye on Berlin’s food scene, she checks out food wherever she goes. Recently she visited L.A – and this where the first story for birdsneverbored.com takes place. So what follows now …is FOOD – just like the name of our new column by Kim, now presented regularly here on birdsneverbored.com. Bon Appétit!

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What follows …is FOOD #1