Textile Design by BAUHAUS-ARCHIV


What is it all about: A discussion panel on modern textile design, based on the idea of Bauhaus teaching methods.

Where is it happening: Berlin, Bauhaus-Archiv, 15th of June

The message: University professors and students start a dialogue on the challenges that confront today’s fashion design students.

On board: What are the requirements for the successful education of today’s fashion and textile designers? What elements should be part of the education, and what is needed to constantly position the students in the ever-changing market? The panel will discuss the approach of the BAUHAUS school and if its teaching methods are still relevant in todays fashion design.

First Impression: The discussion is part of a series of panels held at the BAUHAUS-ARCHIV considering the influence that the ideas and ideals of the Bauhaus still have on the modern market. Tickets are available via visit@bauhaus.de and cost € 6,– (€ 3,– for members and students).