Moisturizers DELUXE


What is it all about: …a vernal fresh up.

Where is it happening: In your face

The message: Time changes, and so does your skin. Transitioning from winter to summer, our largest organ needs to be reawakened. Moisturizers are the best way to get out of winter paleness. For a maximum result, we had a look at the best refreshing masks - every single one of them with its personal speciality.

On board: Beauty course N°1: This 2-in-1 cream can be used as daily moisturizer or thickener when applied as a wonderful mask: Hydra-Repair cream Masque from GROWN ALCHEMIST is the perfect beauty partner to balance out your skin again… and it’s also a wonderful helper for reducing fine lines and to refresh a pale complexion. Available on (€ 59,90).

Beauty course N°2: Our special agent for night is the Hydra Life Jelly Sleeping Mask from DIOR, inspired by Korean science. While many night creams stand out with thick textures, this new night cream generation treats the skin with a smart skin-to-water-formula, meaning that the texture blends in perfectly with the skin. The beautifying ingredients like a high concentration of hollyhocks, hyaluronic acid and active care cocktail easily absorb deep into the skin. The result: Eight hours of moisturising support.

Beauty course N°3: Last but not least we can count on the wonderful effect of our new beauty favourite: the Clay Mask from L:A BRUKET. A detoxing treatment with a clarifying and purging effect using Kaolin-clay as well as seaweed extracts that supply minerals to help revitalize the skin. That’s why it also strengthens and calms down irritated skin types. Available on (€ 29,–).

First Impression: With these three beauty delicacies your skin will be served everything it needs to get back its fresh vernal glow - promise!