What is it all about: by Terry and Dior

Where is it happening: On eyes, cheeks and lips

The message: Spring has finally reached us, so it’s time to bloom! Not just parks and gardens are full of flowers; the big beauty brands are letting us spring up in marvellous blooming tones.

On board: Baume de Rose Nutri-Colour BY TERRY - a nourishing wonder cream that colours and protects lips and cheeks. Available on (€ 42,50). And then there is the Diorshow Colour & Contour from the current spring look by DIOR. The wonderful 957 Hortensia colour (around € 34,–) can be used as eye shadow or creamy eye liner.

First Impression: Both tools are multitaskers – aside from their vibrant colours, they stand out with smart textures waiting to be applied in many different ways. So get into spring and colour!