Spa teas by LØV organic

What is it all about: Wellness in a teacup.

Where is it happening: La Havre (Normandy), France

The message: Get rebalanced in everyday life. That’s the motto of the spa series, consisting of 4 delicious bio-teas by LØV ORGANIC.

On board: The wellbeing tea: Løv is Good is a spicy mix for staying in shape, featuring cinnamon-ginger and liquorice-anise. The detoxing tea: Løv is Pure with green and Maté-teas, apples and citrus fruits. Løv is Zen balances you out with apples, oranges and caramel notes based on Rooibos. And the sweet peach-apricot beauty-mix of Løv is Beautiful is based on white and green tea as well as green Roibios. (for € 12,90 each)

First Impression: The bio teas come in cool boxes inspired by Scandinavian design. Using fresh organic bio-ingredients the new mixes focus on relaxing effects for mind and body.