ONIA by Sang Lim Kwon


What is it all about: A beautiful LED-lamp that will cheer you up

Where is it happening: Korea

The message: Slowing down in everyday life is now possible, merely by switching on this light: whether you want to relax or get improve your concentration, these beautifully designed cubes, with their individually activated colourful glow, stimulate your mood and reduce the stress hormone serotonin.

On board: Based on the Aura Soma-Therapy developed by Vicky Wall, the Korean designer Sang Lim Kwon created this table light using the power of colour and light therapy.

First Impression: The ONIA LED-lights can be switched on and off via app on your smartphone or directly. 196 colour combinations are possible which can be perfectly synchronised to your biorhythm just by naming your date of birth. Available in design stores (€ 280,–).