Charlotte Olympia for M.A.C. COSMETICS


What is it all about: Limited make up to kiss and tell.

Where is it happening: New York City, USA

The message: Accessories are basically a woman’s weapons. Whether choosing shoes or the right lipstick to attract attention, this is what shoe designer Charlotte Olympia and make up visionary M.A.C. COSMETICS have in common: the power to impress. Therefore, it was just a matter of time before these two creative magnets got together.

On board: The creative make-up brand M.A.C. COSMETICS, who set trends all over the world by creating looks for designers during fashion weeks or through their own collections, and Charlotte Olympia, a successful accessory designer with enough winning talent to bring fashion’s classics into a new spotlight.

Charlotte Olympia for M.A.C. Cosmetics
Charlotte Olympia for M.A.C. Cosmetics

First Impression: The result of this cooperation is a stunning collection of make-up, surrounded by the designer’s trademark, the spider web, reflecting the old school sexiness and power of make-up in a modern and sophisticated way. Starting with Tempting Lipsticks in mat red tones (€ 22,50) and moving to Cream Color Bases (€ 23,–), liquid eye liner in elegant brown (€ 22,50), a pearl coloured pigment (€ 26,50), all the way to the real diva’s basic, the Zoom Lash Mascara, also in brown (€ 23,50), and finally the elegant pro tools Nail Lacquers (€ 11,50). The limited edition is already available here!

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