Art Edition 2016 by J.F. SCHWARZLOSE BERLIN

What is it all about: An olfactory Art Edition called

Where is it happening: Berlin, Germany

The message: Supporting the artist’s scene, the rejuvenated perfume house J.F. SCHWARZLOSE BERLIN cooperated with the Berlin based painter Paul DeFlorian for its new Art Edition. The result: Altruist - an artwork from inside out.

On board: The Austrian artist Paul DeFlorian – a visionary painter based in Berlin. The perfume house J.F. SCHWARZLOSE BERLIN - designer Lutz Hermann, communication & marketing director Tamas Tagscherer and last, but not least, Paris based perfumer Véronique Nyberg. The whole creation is based on the artist’s ideas: Starting with the name Altruist, the minimalistic grey box and paper bag, which features one of Paul deFlorian’s paintings to the scent, developed in Paris together with J.F. SCHWARZLOSE BERLIN’s nose at the studio MANE.

First Impression: The limited Eau de Toilette (1000 pieces only were produced, available now for € 175,-) makes huge waves in the brands’ portfolio. Light, fresh and likewise vibrant, capturing your attention from the first spray. Fresh paper and ink, young men in the locker room, fresh sweat and creamy soap are the associations …but also the vision of a grey rainbow, transparency and mystical flowers pop up into mind when you cover your skin with the essence. It’s like this is the smell of a new lover - a scent for feminists, cyborgs and survivors.

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